Prof. Dr. Daniel Mojon


Medical Training

since 2007 Honorary Professor at the University of Bern
1995 FMH for Ophthalmology and Ophthalmological Surgery
1994 Fellow in Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology: Harkness Eye Institute and Fellow in Molecular Genetics: Neurological Institute, one year parallel, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre, New York (USA)
1992/93, 1995 Assistant Doctor, Ophthalmology: Three years, Eye Clinic, University Hospital of Bern
1991 Assistant Doctor, Neurology: One year, Neurological Clinic, University Hospital of Bern
1989 – 1990 Assistant Doctor, Muscle Physiology: Two years, Bern Physiological Institute
1990 Dissertation: Dr. med.
1989 Foreign Medical Graduate Examination in the Medical Sciences (USA)
1988 Medical Diploma: Medical Faculty, University of Berne

Clinical Duties

since 2012 Consultant Doctor, Eye Clinic, Linz General Hospital, Johannes Kepler University Faculty of Medicine
  Private Clinic at Airport Medical Centre Eye Clinic, Zürich Airport
  Joint practice of Dr. Baumgartner and Prof. Mojon, St. Gallen
  Ophthalmology Practice, Heiden
  Staff Surgeon, East Switzerland Children's Hospital, Eye Surgery at St. Gallen Station,
  Limmat Clinic, Zürich, Eulach Clinik, Winterthur and Heiden Hospital
Teaching appointment at the University of Bern
1999 – 2012 Head Physician, Department of Strabology and Neuroophthalmology, Eye Disorders Clinic, St. Gallen Canton Hospital and Head of Laboratory for experimental Oculography Eye Disorders Clinic, St. Gallen Canton Hospital
1996 – 1999 Senior Doctor, Head Specialist of Eyesight Department and Glaucoma Surgery, Eye Clinic, University Hospital of Bern

Prof. Dr. Daniel Mojon
Specialist for ophthalmology


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