Where specialists use their strengths to their advantage, and bring their knowledge to the table

Feeling good is particularly important when it comes to the subject of health. That's why you need to be safe and sure that you're in good hands. This is our goal in the St. Georg Private Clinic - where our experts can satisfy your needs, both on a professional level and on a personal level.

Our General Practitioners are panel doctors who are authorised to treat inpatients, semi-inpatients or outpatients at St. Georg Clinic. They use the clinic's infrastructure (services, facilities and equipment) for this purpose. A notable aspect of our General Practitioners' work is the wide range of specialisms, services and quality of services they provide.

Our Consultants and General Practitioners

Titel Name Fachgebiet
Dr. med. Thomas Hundt Ear, nose and throat
Dr. med. Jan Krkoska Ear, nose and throat
Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Mojon Ophthalmology
Dr. med. Michael Pieper General internal medicine and cardiology
Prof.(sk) Dr. med.PhD Burkhard Rischke Orthopaedics and movement-preserving traumatology
Prof. Dr. med. Werner Schwizer General internal medicine and gastroenterology
PD Dr. med. Henning Steen General internal medicine and cardiology
Dr. med. Julius Unrau Urology
Pract.med. Natalja Unrau Gynaecology and obstetrics (medical student)
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Martin Wallasch Neurology, pain therapy
Dr. med. Walter Wehler General internal medicine and diabetology
Dr. med Daniel Zuder Dermatology and venerology